Capella & Sharpe

Capella & Sharpe are a comedy singing duo specialising in opera, musicals and a variety of other ditties and songs about singing.

Their current show “Just Duet” tells the story of the duo’s rise to fame, from their lowly beginnings in the Griswold Academy to the lofty heights of the Roystone Potato Festival, punctuated by examples of their greatest musical triumphs including Duo de Fluers, Anything You Can Do, Poisoning Pigeons in the Park, The Cats Duet, All Girl Band, Loathing, the Alto’s Lament and We’ll Meet Again.


Capella & Sharpe.

“Just Duet” is perfect for after dinner entertainment, corporate events, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and various other occasions as Capella & Sharpe provide high quality live music with a comical twist. The full show runs at around 50 minutes to an hour but can be adapted to suit your requirements.

The duo provide their own professional public address system and are therefore suited to virtually any venue.

For further information about this act, please visit our contact page.


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