50s Fever

33503355_10216927113789225_8701963406552334336_n50’s fever features The J Tones (Joanna Linford on vocals and Jack Rielly on guitar) performing classic hits from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s with a focus on engaging and entertaining their audience. With over ten years experience performing in hotels, live music venues and residential care settings the duo understand the value of bringing live entertainment and social interaction to those who may not always have access redily available to them.

The performance lengnth runs at one hour with additional time allowed for speaking with audience members and getting to know what kind of music they enjoy. Should you wish to book an ongoing contract with The J Tones, they will gladly add songs requested by audience members to their repitoir at no extra cost.

The J Tones are able to provide a compact PA or if you prefer they can perform completly accoustically.

For a quote please contact Joanna by email j.linford@jklentertainment.com

A trip down memory lane with 50s Fever


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